Exhibition: The New Content of Form

Dimitrije Andrijević, Theresa Binder, Barbara Cimzar, Leah Dorner, Susanne Gutsche, Charlotte Heller, Maria Kanzler, Evgeniia Kozlova, Stella Krausz, Lena Michalik, Ana Mumladze, Danny Nedkova, Fabian Ritzi, Viktoriia Slynchuk, Michalina Zadykowicz Su

In the exhibition “The New Content of Form”, first semester students of Social Design exhibited their projects and critically reflected ideas were presented and contextualized.

Throughout the courses “presentation skills” and “research methods”, students developed concepts, prints, products, interactive media and performances to approach today's consumerism around the industry of food and goods. Initial ideas were approached on the basis of a now Lidl supermarket which used to be a gallery for contemporary art (Generali Foundation) before. Even now, this fact makes the market space an absurd, displaced reality since the original structure has not been changed, the supermarket’s furniture and products have just been added.

© Andrijević Dimitrije,Cimzar Barbara, Zadykowicz Michalina 2020



January 2020
Dimitrije Andrijević
Theresa Binder
Barbara Cimzar
Leah Dorner
Susanne Gutsche
Charlotte Heller
Maria Kanzler
Evgeniia Kozlova
Stella Krausz
Lena Michalik
Ana Mumladze
Danny Nedkova
Fabian Ritzi
Viktoriia Slynchuk
Michalina Zadykowicz Supervisor: Anna Vasof