[ ə ɡeɪm ] - a guide to the playful appropriation of the city

David Grüner / Alex Grüner (gruener.li)

[ ə ɡeɪm ]

„The city is discipline and order!“

„NO!!! The city is PLAYING!!!“

Well, let's play then. In the city. With the city. For the city. Let’s turn every corner into an invitation and create a parkour of challenges as never seen before.

We turn the city into a playground!

And turn that into a game, as well.

Everything is a game. The game is everything. And what is not game, is not real.

[ ə ɡeɪm ] - a guide to the playful appropriation of the city

When playing, we always meet at eye level. We share the same chances – start form the same level –- or: the rules are wrong. But we are the ones to define the rules – and how to deal with them.

It does not harm the game wether it is played by its rules or wether it is played by playing with its rules.

„For there is no game without rules and without playing with the rules."

(Raoul Vaneigem – The Revolution of Everyday Life)

We make the city our playground.

An arena of multifaceted competition. Let's invent and create our own games; let's find and invent places and thereby re-discover our own city; let's get the necessary material; let's file and grind our skills. Let’s fantasize and play.

Then others will find our traces and will continue the game by following them.

„The game immediately turns solid and into a cultural manifestation. Once it has been played, it remains in memory as a spiritual creation or as a spiritual treasure, it is passed on and can be repeated at any time [...]. This repeatability is one of the most essential characteristics of the game". (Johan Huizinga - Homo Ludens)

That means: a tiny little game at every corner must be invented!

This concerns all of us; let's trump ourselves with ideas, create surprises and challenges for and against each one of us!

Let’s trick us, beat one another, celebrate our triumphs and give away our congratulations.

Let’s play a game.

Let us be.

And: let's get going.


(c) gruener.li

(c) gruener.li

(c) gruener.li


June 2020
David Grüner / Alex Grüner