Katharina Spanlang, Anne Zühlke

Diamonds stands for the approach to create a supportive space for women with migration backgrounds in which we collectively designed tools to share and explore our prejudices, fears and visions. Language and cultural barriers enhanced the group’s creativity to communicate with each other and became helpers to grow together. The project resulted in a theatre show on the group’s memories and visions.

8 women

0 languages in common

1000s of prejudices

1 Diamond

Migration is something irreversible. Media and politics refer to it as threatening and challenging. We came together with a shared interest in theatre. Half of us born in Europe, academic, “white”, part of the so-called privileged society and the other half of us mothers, newly arrived in Europe, hardly any connections to locals, with experiences of losing homes as well as parts of families. This is what we thought who we are and what differs us. Yet, the process throughout the project and the ongoing reflections taught us differently. With the medium of theatre, we created tools to exchange and reflect on our prejudices and turn them into something fruitful. The methods empowered the group and the safe space helped us to step out of our comfort zones together. The collectively created theatre piece premiered with an audience of over 150 women. The inspiration the group spread made more women stand up and join our group which continues exploring, growing and sharing experiences together.



January 2019
Katharina Spanlang
Anne Zühlke with support by Ulduz Ahmadzadeh