Cup of Stories

Andrea Rigo, Jana Araj, Mu Bo

The project "Cup of stories" is giving people the possibility to interact and exchange with others, and to learn from each others culture.

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A cup of stories detects different invisible (hidden) cultures in Vienna, through collecting personal stories of migrants. Moreover, it explores diverse social strategies that give people the possibility to gain a different perspective and get in touch with various cultures in an exploratory way. The goal is to understand and obtain a true sense of their cultures, and to debunk media stereotypes. Through proximity and the use of new ways of communication we generate new social bonds and, therefore more inclusive and open.

Turning people into participants is a way of empowerment!

In this way, we encourage people to create new truths together and empower them to generate a better society. In these times of increased global migration we should raise awareness of the importance of developing strategies that prevent events of radical social break by letting empathy serve as a guide for our society. Turning people into participants is a way of empowerment that can make them aware that they are agents of change. Stimulating open dialogue creates networks and partnerships allowing for mechanisms that address new communicational dynamics between us all. 

What we know about other cultures is often just the “top of the iceberg”.

What we know about other cultures is just the “top of the iceberg”, what we see is just a small part of the traditions, but there is much more and deeper knowledge and hidden values that we have to dig up by talking and getting to know people with different backgrounds. Let’s enrich our understanding for others, let’s become ‘unmediatized’.

Summer 2016
Andrea Rigo
Jana Araj
Mu Bo