Artificial Mushroom Cultivation

Viktoriia Slynchuk

Artificial Mushroom Cultivation as a Solution to Food Source After a Global Catastrophe

Food shortage is one of the both actually burning and upcoming global challenges. This project explores how mushrooms could contribute in practice to new ways of food production, and would still keep us in contact with nature.

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The scenario: In case of global scale catastrophes, humanity needs to spend a long period of time in artificial and subterranean situations such as bunkers in order to survive. This situation will cause many levels of crisis, one of which would be food shortage. People will have to conceptualize new ways of food production and supply as well as ways of exploring new possibilities to keep in contact with the world of nature in an unnatural context.

This project looks into a possible production of mushrooms as an urgency triggered by the event of a severe dystopic catastrophic scenario. Mushrooms show a high level of resilience, they even survived the asteroid impact that caused the dinosaurs extinct 66 million years ago.

According to certain researchers mushrooms seem to be a natural resource that could easily grow in dark situations (without natural light) and could serve as a nutritious substance. In addition to that it could help people to stay mentally connected to a natural environment.

The goal of this project is to research and to create an imaginary how mushrooms could contribute in practice to a survival situation.

Winter Semester 20/21
Viktoriia Slynchuk