Alumni Talk - Klaus Kodydek

Klaus Kodydek

The global pandemic has drastically shown how harmful reliance on raw materials and global supply chains can be. More than ever it will need structural changes and sincere efforts to overcome a business as usual and finally acknowledge the planetary boundaries. This talk drew attention to the importance of re-materializing the built environment. Not trying to give answers, but rather raise questions, Klaus Kodydek shared insights about his journey through the Circular Cosmos in Vienna. Looking back on circular interventions at brownfield developments in Vienna, design exhibitions and with numerous stakeholders, this talk once highlighted why a systemic change requires the efforts of many.

Klaus Kodydek is a Vienna based trained Architect and Social Designer. He currently works for the Executive Group for Construction and Technology, where he is part of the DoTank Circular City 2020-2030 (DTCC30), a 10-year program fostering a Circular City Wien. Part of the Deep Demonstration program, initiated by the EIT Climate-KIC program, he is also working on implementing solutions for inclusive spaces that foster a more circular lifestyle.

Summer Semester 2021
Klaus Kodydek