a ghörigs hus?

Leah Dorner, Ella Felber

Rezoning of word and Wälderhaus

a ghörigs hus? is a place where issues of tradition, origin and convention are artistically and critically negotiated. During a 9-days collective residency in a traditional Bregenzerwald house, we want to investigate, question and challenge the “ghörig” mentality, its spatial politics and the prevailing monoculture in the region of Bregenzerwald/Vorarlberg.

(c) Leah Dorner, (c) Stefanie Waldner

The traditional Bregenzerwald house is not only characterized by its highly praised woodworking. Its architecture also defines both routines and roles of its residents. These houses are permeated by a set of social rules that is barely contemporary, and this despite the fact that many of the houses are currently vacant.

The term ghörig is widely used in the region’s dialect and can be translated as proper, good, accurate, obedient, etc. and describes aspects of the Vorarlberg mentality. The term is constantly used in daily judgments and to validate social conformity and recognition. What or who differs too much from the norm, mostly is not perceived as ghörig. This project aims to renegotiate the term and the social conceptions related to it: tradition, origin, convention. In a collective residency, an exchange between those who have left, stayed and returned, and others who are just getting to know the region of Bregenzerwald, we will occupy a former Vorsäß (lowest part of mountain pasture with alpine hut) with art and critique, for 9 days in September 2021. The traditional house will become our base for artistic interventions, reactions, interactions, and deconstructions.

Winter Semester 20/21
Leah Dorner
Ella Felber